Salt & Light Threads is a not for profit AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED AND MADE clothing brand consisting of a Street Wear Collection and a Resort Wear Collection. All our garments are now made locally in Baulkham Hills Sydney, Australia.

It was founded in 2013 by designer and stylist Janice Brown Setu-Galo who is the sole Designer and Creative Director of the brand. Together with her husband Rika Setu-Galo (Co-Owner) the couple head up all design and operations of Salt & Light Threads. 

Proceeds from each purchase are donated towards A21 Campaign to combat human trafficking, a cause that we are very passionate about.


"Let me tell you why you are here. You're here to be the SALT seasoning that brings out the God-Flavours of this earth..... You're here to be LIGHT bringing out the God-colours in the world" Mat 5:13-14



Generosity is our language, creativity is our platform. We want everyday fashionistas who love our designs and purchase them to be part of changing this world (sometimes without even knowing it). When you shop with Salt and Light Threads know that you are shopping from a brand that not only ethically produces products in Australia (say no to sweat shop brands) but a brand that is tackling the not so glam issues of our society by raising awareness on the global issue of human trafficking and donating 30% of our profits to A21 campaign.

Our Motto 'Stitched For Whosoever' is really an INCLUSIVE statement that we are making and our Customers love us for it #YoureWelcome. 

We Custom Make any design to any size (provided by you) at no extra cost, yes you heard right, NO EXTRA COST! We sell our items exclusively on our website directly to our customers. This means that the middleman is cut out and you buy straight from the designer’s table and into your wardrobe! FabuLIGHT!


Our designs offer a mix of exotic prints, colours, and tribal prints inspired by Janice’s Polynesian heritage and places she has traveled to. Call us biased, but between our fresh-cut, edgy and updated men’s styles and elegant, colourful, and quirky women’s fashion – we really do have the best of both worlds!

Our focus is creating wearable, expressive pieces that will have you stand out from the crowd and oozing with individuality! We love colours, prints, and details that are off the beaten track of mainstream fashion. The FABULIGHT look is fresh, quirky, fashion-forward and sometimes all of these things beautifully intertwined!