BE the Salt.....BE the Light!

Have you always wanted to change the world and make a difference by simply doing what you love? From fashion designer, make-up artist, photographer, model.. or simply by going shopping!! Well, that's exactly what Salt & Light Threads sets out to do. We are not only about the glitz and glam exterior of the fashion industry, but we also take ownership of the responsibility over having a voice to speak up about real issues that face our society. We have created a platform in which many fashion forward fabulights can speak up against human trafficking by simply purchasing from our line of designs. We are speaking up for the innocent lives that have been sold into sex slavery around the world and this is how YOU and I are helping to reshape the future for so many.


By purchasing from our collections, YOU become a FREEDOM FIGHTER! We donate 30% of profits from every garment sold to A21 Campaign who are doing an incredible job raising awareness, providing safe homes, rescuing victims and putting an end to this modern day slavery - globally.



#Itsnotok is a global movement bringing awareness to the reality of what human trafficking looks like today. It is not something that has happened decades ago – it’s something that is happening NOW to our girls, and we are going public with this! 

We can't do everything, but together we can accomplish A LOT!

This year, whether it is through fashion shows, photoshoots, magazine features or interviews, we will be speaking on the message behind #Itsnotok! We encourage you to do the same- Facebook it, Instagram it, Tweet it.. SPEAK UP!


Couldn't find anything to buy? You can still be part of the solution. Make a direct contribution towards A21 through here:


If you would like to support Salt & Light Threads and keep this clothing line afloat so that we can assist organisations like A21 Campaign, you have the opportunity to donate towards the operations of Salt & Light Threads so that we may maximise our generosity to organisations like A21 Campaign. Your partnership will cover costs for services such as Seamstresses, Fabric printers, Photographers, Models, Designers, Staff etc. To make a donation click on the donate button below.

Thank you for your generosity and support!